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SEO Best Practices

2 On-Site Optimization – Site Level


Figure 2: Sample Google PageRank voting illustration

2.1.2 Passing PR internally

The Google Bombing SERPs gave SEOs an insight into Google's algorithm, which has not changed in its core since Google's inception.

Since the home page of most sites is more likely to get linked to, it usually carries the highest page rank. Additionally, internal pages that have in-bound links also link to the home page further boosting its PageRank. To optimally utilize this ranking power is to make sure links to identified entry pages contain the optimization keyword phrases in the site's navigation.

The more hops a page has from the home page, the lower its PageRank. The ideal scenario is to have all entry points linked from the home page. Consequently, limiting the number of links from the home page ensures that the most page rank is passed.

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